Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lost Son

Its so crazy that I have less than a month left! after today Iºll only have 4 more Pdays! Yesterday I had my last zone conference and i gave my last testimony. I think it went over well. I quoted Lion King, Mulan, and Boy Meets World. haha. :D
It didnt feel as weird as i thought it would be. It felt like a normal zone conference. I guess the reality hasnt really hit me. Hopefully its like that until i get home.
Oh, so last pday. I lost my greeny. We were hiking up to this castle and we decided to go off the trail like we have done before and hike up the face of the mountain. Well...i was trailblazing and then i decided to stop and wait for everyone else. And one other set of missionaries catch up then the companion of another missionary (elder smith) in my district that is training also. But my kid (elder Thomas) and elder Smiths kid (elder Bryant) werent theree. I asked where they were and they said that they decided to go on the trail to the castle. Well thats all cool, except for 2 reasons. 1, it would take us 4 times as long to get there as them (it would take us like 40 minutes and them 10) and 2, they didnt have a phone. so we get up to the castle and spend an hour looking for them, to no avail. we decide to go down the trail cuz maybe they´re waiting on the trail head. we go down and theyre not there. we got a call at that moment from Elder Bryant. He said that they went back to the chapel and were waiting there. So they hiked all the way down the mountain, caught the train and walked to the chapel to use the phone. We climbed down the mountain, got some lunch then met up with them.
So that was an adventure.
Then yesterday we were coming back from Zone conference and we got into our building and went into the elevator. and teh elevators here are a little different than the states. here they dont have a door that closes, so you open the outside door and the elevator goes up and you can see the wall passing by, even touch the wall. And elder thomas is a jumpy guy and is petrafied of the elevators. So I was wearing a backpack and i get in with my back to the door of the elevator and we start going up. I act like i get my back stuck in the elevator and start getting dragged down and elder Thomas FREAKS OUT. it was hilarious. I did that with elder gray and he just laughed......
Our investigators are doing really well. We are teaching a couple of brazilian families that are all friends. Their kids are awesome and coming to church every week with soem member friends. the parents are doing well but need to come to church. We got invited to one of the kids birthday parties and we played tag with them and ate cake and shared a message with TONS of people there.
Then Afra is doing really well...except she wont pray to know its true..sadly.
Elizabete and Edivaldo are doing well also and we´re finding lots of new investigators :D
Things are doing really well here and i´m keeping going untill the end!
Have a great week everyone!

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