Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

Hey everybody!
Happy Halloween! Even though they dont really celebrate it here in Portugal. This is kinda funny, im writing this letter in Microsoft Word….then Im going to paste it and email…but since its in portugal, its marking all the words I write as misspelled! LOLZ! But everything is still going awesome!
We have 2 people marked for baptism. Mara and Vosco. Both are going to be baptised on Christmas day! AKA my Bday. Fixe huh?!
Sad news…I cant upload pics to the FTP site anymore…but ill be emailing my parents some and they'll add them…so maybe you can see some new pictures today. I only have a couple more minutes to write cuz im going up to sintra today! It's a cool place. Has a lot of history.
Umm….It seems like there was something else I was gonna write…but I cant remember. Oh well.
Vos Amo!
Elder Rhett

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Things are going good in Portugal! Im still loving it here.......and I havent really felt sad or depressed the whole time here! its all happiness!
But a good story happend this weekt hat i thought I should share.

So It was Sunday, and we were walking around making contacts. And there was this meat shop that sells meat...but cooked....and we saw this chicken on a roticery grill and it looked really good....and we were like...dang too bad its sunday or else we would get some. But we looked in and the store owner was in there alone, so we decided to go in and make a contact with him. We started off like we were gonna buy something...we asked how much the chicken cost. he said 6,50 then we acted like it was too much and were like...ummm well come back another day...but then we asked if we could do a survey with him (just a fake survey to start teaching him a little) we asked things like "do you belive in god" and "do you think god still could talk to man" things like that. Then people started coming in and he helped them while we were waiting. after all the people left, he came to us and had chicken in a bag, and gave it to us. Hes like..."my life is going kinda bad right now, but you guys are out here teaching about god and its a great thing...etc etc" so he gives us this chicken. and AS he was giving us this chicken, one of our investigators that weve been teaching heavily on keeping the Sabath Day holy, cuz she works on sunday and doesnt go to church, comes out of the back room...and was like HEY ELDERS! we were accepting this chicken from the store...and we were like"umm...hey" and then she went back in to the back room after she got a strange look on her face looking at what it seemed like 2 elders buying chicken on sunday. AND to put the Icing on the cake, I turn around and see an inactive member that we have been trying to get to church for a while is there...looking in the window, she hurries and looks away and keeps on walking.....weºre like....oh GREAT! but we accepted the chicken cuz he insisted...then we gave him a book of mormon and taught about it and he was very greatful...well go teach him again at his turned otu to be a really good contact. besides the fact that we had to go by the investigator and less active members house and explained waht happened....but its all cool now. I guess the moral of the story is that you can get free chicken from teaching the gospel :D

Well I hope you enjoyed the story. Stay tuned for more "BLOG POSTS FROM THE GUY ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD"
-Elder Hildebrandt

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Short post.

Things are going well. -stop
The mission is great. -stop
Loving every minute of it. -stop
Its the end of my 1st transfer. -stop
My comp is getting transfered. -stop
Im going to be with Elder Hawkins -stop
fica bem todos -stop
love -stop
Elder Hildebrandt -fim