Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sorry its been a while

I dont even know when my last blog post was....seems like its been a before christmas or something....i dunno.
But Christmas was really fun...for christmas eve we hung out at a members house...had dinner and morning we opened packages then went to another members house for lunch. It was really good. then I got to talk to my fam over the phone. It was really sweet to hear them again.
For new years was pretty much like any other day...we had dinner at a members house...and there were a bunch of people there getting drunk....trying to forget the previous year lol.
Ive already hit 6 months! isnt that crazy! im close to 7. Its flying by.
We have a baptism scheldualed for the 26th of this month and one for the 7th! im way excited! they are 2 cousins. way awesom.
Anyway...things couldnt be going better for me!
Tchau todos!