Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

So guess what?! weºre having thanksgiving today!!!! Im cooking everything! its crazy! i already made 2 pies, the turkeys in the oven, we have a ham gonna make jello, already made stuffing, gonna ahve salad, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes and other stuff...its kinda crazy, now i know how my mom feels. I kinda wish i was back just playing football haha. the turkey weºre having isnt a full turkey...well it is but its already cut, cuz we went to a butcher shop and they didnt sell full turkeys, but they said that we could order one and theyd kill it and keep it whole for us and have it ready by this morning, well.....they didnt have it ready. so we just had to buy it in parts as they had, breast, legs, wings, etc and build our own turkey haha. hopefully itll be good.
We found out about transfers. Elder Wilson and I are staying together for another transfer! Yay!....kinda....its gonna be hard....hes a really good kid, just does dumb stuff...and some of his habits are really annoying...but weºre fixing that haha. itºll be a good transfer...hopefully.~ He still does...."interesting" things he likes touching stuff...adn there was a beer bottle that was on the wall around the stairwell for the metro...and without thinking, he just touches it, sending it falling down the metro stairwell, shattering on the bottom, almost hit someone...sigh..... but ill just have to learn more patience.
We have another baptism marked on the 20th. a kid named Milton. Hes from cabo verde, the nephew of a member. so that should be good.
Pepis baptism was amazing. He was stoked and love it. his mom liked it too. He bore testimony after the baptism and the spirit hit me like a brick was STRONG...the only time i felt the spirit like that was when Elder Holland was talking the the MTC. Then on sunday he got confermed and recieved the priesthood! next week heºll be blessing the sacrament! cool huh!
Weºve got a couple new investigators....non really seem extremely promising but weºll see. We found this crazy romanian lady that thinks she knows where Maddie is (a little english girl that got abducted in the algarve a year or so ago) then also a member presented us to her neighbor. her neighbor listened, so weºll see where that goes.
Also, we did a deep clean of our house. its really nice! we got new showercurtain that has little ducks on it! its awesome!
And that was my week!
Ate mais
-Elder Rhett

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Theres a pigeon in my soup!

So, the other day, we came home for lunch, and we walk in our room and there was a pigeon in there! It started freaking out and flying all around, it kept on trying to fly out the window, but the window was shut so it kept on just flying and smaking against the window! haha. I have a movie of it, maybe if possible. But we opened the window and it flew out. it was hilarious though. elder wilson didnt think it was very funny though...cuz it peed and pooped on his stuff. haha, but it was great for me.
Oh, and exciting news, we have a baptism this sunday! Luzie, the girlfriend of the member, shes doing really well and excited for baptism.
Hopefully after the baptism, they get engaged. Theyre pretty serious and the members kids love her. So weºll see-
Then pepi is doing amazing. the other day we were talking about reading the scriptures and i shared that one thing i like is that lots of time if you have a problem you can just open up the book of mormon to anypage and start reading and it can help you. then he showed us a list of scriptures that he found while doing just that when he was wondering if he should be baptised. and the scriptures that he randomly opened to were scriptures like Alma 34:32, Alma 32:28, 2 Ne 31, Mosiah 2, 1 Ne 3:7, etc scriptures that are like famous amazing scriptures. How cool is that.
Hes doing really well and going to be baptised on the 22nd.
Oh, this sunday, we had a returned missionary come to church, Brother Bangeter, from Highland Utah. He served here 30 years ago, his dad was the 1st mission president. and his uncle is the man of the bangater highway. He gave an awesoem talk in sacrament meeting about the start of the church here in portugal. it was really interesting. I liked it alot. I dont know if dad know this, but before this portugal was dedicated, it was open for missionaries. cuz right after the fall of salezar they opened it up. but they were doing an election and one of the parties running wouldnt let the church in and the missionaries would have to have been pulled out. Well right before the elections, Pres. Bangater called Thomas S Monson who was in europe at the time to have him come and dedicate portugal. Elder monson didnt know if hed have time, so he couldnt promise anything. well Elder Monson decided to drop what he had planned to come to portugal and he dedicated it. Well the elections which were just a couple days away, they went well and missionary work was able to continue. it was a cool story.
Oh and another cool experience happened. we had a lession schedueled with an investigator, but when we got there, he wasnt there. so we walked down the stairs and stood int he entrance way of the building, I didnt want to go out cuz we didnt have anything planned and i didnt want to make contacts in the cold. And i just felt really bad about going out...i really just didnt want to. Well I kinda stalled a little bit inside and right when we were gonna leave, in walks an inactive member and her daughter. I had talked to her daughter the other day, but she gave me a faulty address so we couldnt find their house. But they were excited to see us, invited us up to talk with them, we taught a good lesson and they are comming to church with us this sunday! If we would have just left without me stalling and not wanting to go out into the cold we would have missed them! cool huh!
Well thats about all thats happened this week. Im taking my greenie to a castle today. I bet heºll like that.
That was my week.....Arent i good...updating my blog 2 weeks in a row... Ill try to make it a weekly thing....basically i just copy the stories i send my thats cool...right?

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Another week was my week this week. Im gonna try to update my blog more often. so here you go
Halloween was fun. they dont really celebrate Halloween here...but we had a little party for our English class that we teach. I dressed up like a pirate! haha. I also made really really good brownies...they were really chocolaty. mmmmmmmm
Then the day after Halloween, they ahve a holliday here called All Saints Day, its a catholic holliday, where they worship all the catholic saints they have. But people also go to the Cemetary to pay respects to the dead. so we went to the cemetary and talked to people there. The cememtary was HUGE!!!! and its alot different than in the states, They have these mini houses that they keep the caskets in, that are like sculpted and really intricate. they also have huge filing cabenate type things that they keep coffins in...but we got lost in the cemetary and there were alot of cool gothic statues and was awesoem. We also talked to a bunch of people about death and the plan of salvation....lots of people cried and stuff...but we helped them out.
Then we have pepi. Hes doing good. He hit a portuguese kid the other day. cuz he was doing his work (he puts pamphets on cars) and this portuguese kid and his girlfriend start making fun of him. Pepi ignored them, then The portuguese kid pushes pepi in the back, and pepi turned around and BAM socked the guy in the face, putting him on the ground. then the guys girlfriend started hitting pepi then pepi just walked away. hes so cool. He apoligised to us for hittin the kid...saying it was wrong and stuff. I was like YA PEPI! WAY TO GO!!! WHOo HOo! haha.
oh and a cool experience happened the other day. We had a ward party and we had a bunch of investigators there....except for pepi, cuz he had work. but the party ended at 730 and we were gonna talk to an investigator afterwards for the rest of the night, basically. we didnt have anything else planned. so we had the party and right afterwards...all of our investigators we helped clean up...but then it was 745 and we didnt have anything to do...and it was cold...and dark.....and we didnt feel like we should make contacts int he streeet...and at that time, it isnt a good time to knock doors. so we sat in a train station thinking of what to do. Then I had the impression to go to this one park. so we started to go, and on the way we found Pepi talkign to this guy that he said he had been talkign to about the gospel. So we talked to pepi and the guy a little, then we left with pepi to his house and had a good lesson with him. it was just really cool how following the spirit lead us to somehting good that we could do.
Oh and i found out about the elections.....Obama won.....dang......I might just have to stay here in portugal...haha
And that was my week.