Wednesday, July 23, 2008

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times

so I just wanted to update my blog really quick to say im getting transfered! Im going to the heart of the mission! Right in the middle of Lisboa. Campo Pequeno! Im so excited! Im gonna be the District Leader, over the Elders in Olivais (Where my old comp elder Kapp is...Im way excited about that cuz me and him got along really well) and also the Assistents to the President! so im pretty much the most powerful elder on the mission now cuz I control the APs haha. Just kidding.
But ya...Im excited but sad at the same time.
My new address is

Rua Jorge Barradas 14-c
1500 Lisboa

Im really gonna miss Olhão. a big part of me wanted to stay...but It was time to move on. Things are starting to pick up alot here, our investigator Marcos is marked for baptism on the 16th of August. Our investigator Nelson is doing amazing...hes actually driving me up to lisbon on thursday! And he wants me to baptise him when hes ready (which will be pretty soon...I think hes just waiting for his wife to accept...which weºre working on)
Then we have Eunice who has been investigating the church for 4 years and has an AMAZINGLY strong testimony...but she is living with a boyfriend and it is a really difficult situation, but last week she finally decided that she was going to leave him...which is taking ALOT of faith on her part...she had been living with him for 5 years...but she knows its for the pray for her.
Then we have a member Paulo (who is the DJ) hes cool but has a sickness that has really been depressing him lately...but last week he decided he was really going to dedicate himself to the lord! so the next elder coming here better not mess it all up! haha
Well have a good week everyone!
Till next time