Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sorry for taking so long to update....but its been cool

So...i cant remember last time I updated....i dont know if ive said that im in a new area...Olhâo. Its the southern most part of portugal. really cool, really warm. I have3 2 islands in my area that we go to on pday to hang out. its awesome.
but heres some storys that have happened recently.
accomplished one of my mission goals. THat is to ahve a actual lesson with a TJ (Jehovaºs Witness) well...ok, it was half accomplished. In Tavira (the area neighboring us) our DL found a TJ that was really cool and wanted to meet and talk to us, jsut share beliefs in a nice way, and he schedualed the appt when I was going to be on divisions with him. So we met the TJ in a park and at first it was really cool, he shared stuff, we shared stuff and it was going good, and he was really nice. But then we got on the defensive side....and thats when the spirit was lost...he tried to show us that there isnt a spirit world (he found a list of Book of Mormon scriptures that "contradict" the bible.) and we tried proving our point right with scriptures but I dont know the bible as well as he did, so we jsut got on the defensive side and it wasnt good, but then my DL Elder Nelson asked him aobut how he knew the bible was true. The TJ laughed cuz Nelson asked that question last time they talked and he didnt answer last time. and this time he avoided the question. We tried to show him James 1:5 but he kept on trying to change the subject until we were out of time and had to go to another appointment. But he was really cool and gave us a ride to our next appt. Maybe Ill get a chance to talk to him again.

AND....a few days ago was one of the most interesting nights of my life...if not THE most interesting. We got a reference from Faro, that was this guy from Russia and he was supposed to be a "Golden Reference" They set up an appointment with him and with a member of faro that knew how to speak russian (cuz he didnt speak portuguese very well) So we met up with the member and went over to this investigators house. He met us outside with his wife. They were really nice. Hes in his late 50s early 60s and his wife too. They walked us up to their appartment. We started talking (the member was translating for us) he brought out a book of mormon and D&C in Russian and said it was revealed to him that they are the word of god and that they dont contradict the bible. and we were thinking, WOW this is awesome, this guy is elect. He had been studying it for 13 years and then he opened up to Alma 32 and said that there is one thing that he doesnt agree aobut with our church, then he read aobut the Talking int he language of angels. He said that we dont do that. Our member explained to him that its more of speaking in language that you dont spanish if you dont know spanish. he didnt agree. He said that it was the language of God and a way to communicate with god more purely...then I was going to say something but the member stopped me and reminded me that we need to say an opening prayer. So we all kneeled down and our member offered a good prayer. was the guys turn...and he offered a prayer in seemed kinda intense...but I didnt understand it. Then it was the wifes turn and she offered another prayer that i didtn understand...that was pretty long. Then after she asked us if we understood the last part of the prayer....that it was in English...and we were like...ummm noo....then the husband was like "she wasnt speaking russian...she was speaking in tounges" then he had her say the prayer again. and I listened to try to pick out english..but the only thing I recognised was Halleluja. It sounded like some german, some french, some russian, some italian, and I heared a few words that sounded portuguese. Then after the prayer, they guy said that he interpreted what his wife said and recieved revelation for us that our minds and hearts arent open enough. that we need to be more open.
Then we sat down again and he went on to explain that he was called of god to be a prophet and has been sent all over the world because of revelations. he was sent to portugal to build up churches. but also he said alot of things that were true doctorine. He talked about faith and listening to the promptings of the spirit and most of what he said was very true and almost exactly with our teachings. He believes in Joseph Smith. I asked him if he believes he has the priesthood. he said he recieved the aaronic preisthood, Jesus had revealed to him that he has the aaronic priesthood. I told him about authority and I flat out told him that He DOES NOT have authority to recieve revelation for me. I explained about the prophet of the world and how he is the only one that can recieve revelation for the world. He said that he doesnt know much about Thomas S Monson but he beleives that he is the International Prophet but he was chosen like Joseph Smith was, to be another prophet. He was disappointed that I didnt have a heart open enough to believe. I told him that I would pray about it. and he agreed, cuz that is the way to recieve revelation. He also said that he recieves revelation from the Devil and he has to be able to discern the spirts.
I prayed last night and I know for a FACT now that he was not called of god. When he and his wife were praying I felt really uneasy, and if they were really speaking int he language of god....Im pretty sure that I would ahve felt the spirit. overall....It was kinda freaky.........
But other than that, everthing is going good. haha. It was a big testimony builder last night.
and thats about all that I have time for.....
Tchau todos!