Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Short post

Yo everyone. things are going awesome in portugal
I updated some new pictures. and i started to organize them, by date, or place. so in

theres a folder called Quinta_Da_Reguleira and i have pics from there. and then I had some from other places in 26_09_07
so iºll start making new folders for each date i update pictures.
The church is true and God answers all prayers!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

3 mo. anniversary!

Its my 3 month anniversary. 7/8 left to go on my mission! its so cool here I love every minute. Hopefully my family will update the blog with some stories ive shared with them...cuz i dont have alot time to do that kinda stuff. Ill be putting some pictures of Quinta da Regaleira up next week ( that place is AMAZING.
Things are still going really well here and Im loving teaching the truth restored to people and seeing their lives change for the better!
well, i gotta go
Love you all!
Elder Hildebrandt