Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Greetings from Cacem

So Im here in Cacém now. Its a cool area, it reminds me of Barreiro, but a little nicer. Theres a high african population here. And in my ward I have President Martins, his wife and 2 of his sons, Daniel and Simão. Its cool getting to know a family better that my dad knew. I dont know if he really even knew Simão. And if he knew Daniel, he would have been just a little kid. Also Ive met some other members that knew my dad, so its pretty cool.
Some other good news, I walked into 2 baptisms! haha. A mom and son, the dad is already a member. They are a really cool family and its fun helping them get accostomed to church, and doing family night and family prayer and stuff. theyre names are Eneida and Yuri.
Theres also quite a few investigators here that are cool. We are teaching a guy from Iran, that seems really promising. Except cuz hes muslim, he has to have an interview with Pres Terry before we can really continue progressing with him.
Oh and this week, a funny story happened. We were passing by potential investigators and we were entering a house and there was a lady smoking infront of one of the appartments we were going into. I started trying to talk to her but she didnt want anything and was very vocal about it, didnt even let me talk. Wouldnt even accept a pass along card So we just left it and went into the apparment and knocked on the door of the potential investigator, they werent home. Well we left the building and there were some people loading a couch into a truck. We asked if they needed help and a voice said they did. I looked around and it was the rude lady that was smoking infront of the building. So we told them we could help move and she was happy about it. The 2 guys that were there werent too happy about it and were like "the furniture is really heavy, i dont know if you really want too" i told them that we do exercises every morning and we would love to help." so we ended up helping these people move, from the 5th floor. it was cool. And at the end, we gave them a passalong card! so, sometimes it just takes a little more work to do the work of the lord haha.
Oh and good news, theres a japanese restarant in my district! we went there yesterday! it was good :D
Long live Japan! ahha

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I saw Elder Bednar

Hey everyone!
So guess what!
Im getting transfered! crazy! Its weird leaving this area, ive been here for so long! but Im going to one of Dads old areas (i think) Cacém! Im excited. Except im not going Zone Leader. I was kinda bummed about that, cuz that means almost for sure i wont go Zone Leader the rest of my mission. Oh well. Cacem is gonna be really cool. Familia Martins lives there and they love me cuz of dad haha.
But the transfers were crazy this time. So many crazy things happened. like a bunch of Zone Leaders changed to Senior Comps, which almost never happens. And a bunch of people got changed around and just a bunch of unexpected stuff happened.
Oh and some other good news Elder David A Bednar came to Lisbon this week and we had a bunch of cool meetings with him. On sunday night there was a general meeting with him. It was at a stake center in Oeiras, and there were TONS of people there. all the sacrament room and cultral hall and every single room and all the hallways were PACKED. It was crazy. And it was a question and answer session. It was awesome. Then monday morning all the missionaries in the mission got together and we got to have a Question and answer session with him and got to shake his hand and everything. then on monday night there was another q and A session for all the young single adults and that was really cool too. I was soooo exhausted after everyting. I can only imagine how JS felt after seeing Jesus and God. I was out of it just spending a few hours with an apostle. haha. But it was really spiritual and i learned alot. Definately an experience I wont forget.
Oh and crazy story of the week.
We were at the mall eating at a foodcourt last pday and we were walking out and we heard this lady screaming. I turn around to see this little 4 yr old kid hanging onto the railing on the outside of an escalator and going up. An old man on the escalator grabbed him and made sure he wouldnt fall but as he got higher, the ceiling was coming up, So the kid started gettign smashed against where the escalator meets the ceiling. luckily someone pressed the stop button and he dropped a couple feet onto the top of a restarant in the foodcourt, that had a very slanted roof. I ran over to the bottom of that restarant so someone was there if he fell. Luckily he didnt and his dad ran up the escalator and pulled him up to safety. But it was pretty intense.
But thats about it. I our investigators are doing well, we had a bunch of them come see Elder Bednar, so thats good...pretty soon a bunch will be baptised here! :)
Oh, my new address in Cacém is:
Rua Almeida Garrett
Nº4 2ºA
2735 Cacém

Have a good week!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Im famous by association

Hey everyone!
its alot colder than last winter and has rained TONS has rained at least once every day for 2 months or something...a long time. Im excited for spring too. today has been a good day so far. nice and sunny,....of course that doesnt mean much, it is very possible that it could turn cloudy and rain like it has done.
Things are doing well....except i have bad news......we lost half our area and almost all of our investigators.,.....Last sunday they moved our ward boundary and about 10 very cool very active members have to go to a different ward. Including Luzie (one of my baptisms) her fiancee (irmao boaventura) and a bunch of other members. AND we lost Milton and a BUNCH of new investigators we had. 8 of them. Now the Irmas of the other ward are gonna get them. they´re happy....but it took away everything from us. Luckily we still have Welton, whos marked for baptism, and still have a few investigators. but weºre gonna have to get to work. But we worked alot in the area that was cut from our was a very good area, very ready, but now we cant work in that we have to branch out.
But something cool, there is a portuguese TV sitcom show (mainly for teenagers) here called Morangos Com Açucar (Strawberries with Sugar) and we were on the metro with a member, and he pointed out this one teenager and said --that kid is an actor, from Morangos com açucar. I didnt believe him at first, but then i saw a group of girls looking over at him and whipering to eachother and that helped me believe him. ahah
so we get on the metro and hes standing right by me, listening to music and i lean over to him and say "so my friend over there says your an actor" and he said "ya, from a sitcom here called Morangos com Açucar." I told him i had never seen it....then he said i should watch it...then we just started talking, i asked him how he liked bein an actor, told him i studied cinema..stuff like that. He was actually a pretty cool kid, i ended up giving him a restoration pamphlet. haha His name is Raul, But i dont know if thats his characters name or his real name.....haha
And actually earlier that day, we went to lunch with that same member and we left lunch and we saw a fight...5 teenagers against 5 security guards. Now you might be thinking "oh that cant be too much of a fight, the security guards can handle 5 teenage punk kids" but then you have to realize.....that Im in portugual. 1. Everyone here is a wimp and normally yell and act tough, but dont throw blows.... 2. when they do...its very not affective. The security guards and the kids were pushing eachother yelling...the security guards even acted less mature than that kids they were trying to get the kids out, one short stalky security guard was very firery and had to be separated from the was a mess....a joke. The short security guard kicked one of the kids, it looked funny and didnt look liek it hurt at all haha...but finally the kids just left and the security guards felt very cool. haha. I dont feel very secure in this country. Be greatful for the good public services that we have in the USA, all public services are a joke here. So even if the police pull you over and give you a ticket you dont agree with, be greatful that they are actually working, unlike many of the police here.
Nothing else really exciting happened this week.....oh i did get to see a picture of my house. that was cool. we were at a members house and he was on Google Earth and he wanted to see where I lived. So i gave him the address and i didnt know that in the newer google earth they have pictures of the panoramic pictures! so i got to see my road and a front view of my house and other sites was cool...the member enjoyed seeing where i lived.
And thats it
Till next time
-Elder Rhett Hildebrandt

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hey everyone!

This week was awesome! it felt really good. We ALMOsT reached our goal of new investigators. we got 9. It was sweet. They all seem pretty cool. It was a pretty cool story getting 3 of them. We had an appointment with Panda (the investigator thats marked for baptism) But we called him right before and he canceled....and we didnt have anything else planned for the night cuz we were pretty sure on that appointment going through. And its pouring rain...and we didnt bring umbrellas....getting soaking we decided to pass by this guy we contacted on the street the other day. We get to his road...and start searching for his house, come to find out his house # doesnt now were even more out of I decided to just start knocking. We go to the last building on the street and go to the 7th floor, and knock the first door. They answer, a HUGE family, but they didnt want anything. 2nd door doesnt answer...then we go to the third door and this old lady answers. Usually old ladies dont ever want anything but she wanted to talk. We asked if we oculd come in and teach her and her fam, but she said just talk to her cuz her family doesnt want to listen. So we go in to the living/dining room and her 40 yr old son is eating dinner, we greet him and hes really nice. WE start teaching and hes participating, the old lady is listening, then her 16 yr old granddaughter comes in the room and listens! it was really cool. So we got 3 new investigators. God was like "im sorry your appointment fell through and its rainign heres 3 new investigators" God is a cool guy.
But our investigators are doing really well, Milton is going to give us a baptism date tomorrow. He said he wont let febuary pass by w/o him getting baptised.
Fabio is doing really well. weve just been his friend, which is what he needs. Everyone else in the church just pressures him to do stuff...and he doesnt have good friends so they yell at him for that. But weve started being his friend and teaching him and havign him change his life. Like last night we went to his house and talked to him for a while, then we talked about how people are happier if they obey the commandments and then by himself he said that he needs to stop smoking, so now weºre helping him stop! its cool.
Oh and on monday, we got to watch the SUPERBOWL! yay! we had a family night with Welton (panda) Pepi and Franciel and watched the superbowl iwth them cuz Franciel recorded it. It was fun trying to explain what was happening the whole time. It was awesome how the cardnals came back at the end....and with 43 seconds left in the game....the recording ended!!!!!!!! so as far as I know...the cardnals won ahah... (but i already heard that the stealers came back and won.)
Ummmmm and thats about it for my week. It was a good week overall.
have a good week todos!
-Rhett sick of rain.....(and ignore last weeks PS...:P)