Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Im getting transfered! to Olhão in the Algarve! im leaving tomorrow. I dont know the address there yet so ya..... but Im excited. Im really gonna miss this area and the ward. I love this area...but thats the life of a missionary. Im gonna be serving with Elder Parkinson. Hes in my MTC district and we shared a room at the MTC and were in a tripla together for like 4 days, after Elder Wangaman left. It should be fun. I love the ocean and its right by the ocean. The only down side Ive heard is that it smells like rotten eggs cuz its right by some sulfer fields lol. So if you have any letters to send to me....hold off for a little lol.

Oh and guess what! I have a good food story this week.
One member (thats fithy rich) named Ana took us to a restaurant called the Fondue. And guess what I ate.........Camel. and I ate Ostrige and Bison and Zebra and Kangaroo and even Octopus! AND i liked all of it. Camel had the best taste but its really tough, Kangaroo tasted good and was really tender. I liked that alot. Ostrige tasted like chicken mixed with beef, bison tasted like....steak but was a little different and tougher, and zebra was kinda bland but good. and was actually really good, it was an apitizer...i ate tenticles. the texture wasnt that great...chewy, but wasnt was seasoned very well. then for desert we had chocolate fondue. mmmm. she dropped $120 on us..... :S

WEll thats to yaºll later