Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Transfer Maddddddneeeesssss

So the elder in the Neighboring area of me was transfered out to fill another elders spot in Lisbon cuz he had to go home sick. So they grouped me and Elder Gasser up with the elder that stayed, Elder Garner. So we are in a tripla now...covering 2 areas. Its INSANE! but fun at the same time. No really big stories have happend...but Im still loving the mission. Ive like never been happier in my life...and I was pretty dang happy before the mission. Crazy no?
anyway, Fica Fixe

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

As I Walk Through The Valley Of Shadow And Death...

So Im in a new area! Its so different than Oeiras....Oeiras was like its so ghetto GH-E-To!
but I LOVE it here. I feel so cool walking around here. Like im staring down the face of danger every day...even though its not very dangerous here anymore
but my new address here is
Rua Abel Salazar
Lt. 1 3º Dto
Baixa de Serra
2835, Baixa De Banheira

No really cool things have happened here yet....we get fed by members thats good. I tracked into a really really hot not so good at this moment in time. It rained REALLY REALLY hard the other day and our small little apt got FLOODED! that was fun.....mostly cuz I wasnt there...I was on divisions...but my comp had alot of fun that night staying up till 3 cleaning up lol.
well....Ill post later when I can
Paz Fora!
Elder Hildebrandt