Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Its a boy...again!

so trainign again a brand new missionary
Things are going great. My second sonºs name is Elder Daniel Wilson. hes a great kid. Kinda a bigger kid but way nice and has a great heart. But he is VERY green. oh man....its been a very entertaining week so far. Ill let you in on some comical greenie stories. Well the friday after he got here we had to go get him his Metro/Bus pass in a place called Belem, Which is about 45 minutes away. So we meet up with Elder Tipton and his new comp, elder Smith from my district (cuz Smith had to get a pass too) and we eat at japanese. Well, Elder Tipton, he had served with a bunch of brazilians on his mission, so he has a strong brazilian accent. So they decided to play a joke on Wilson. Tipton said he was brazilian and elder smith acted like a COMPLETELY lazy and apostate missionary. Elder Wilson was lecturing elder smith the whole time. it was funny, but good that he knows the importance of obedience. But it was hilarious watching him lecture smith the whole day. so then after we go to belem to get his pass. To get the pass, you can either go to belem and get it right then, or you can put in a form at almost any metro station, but that takes a few days. and travel costs ALOT if you dont have a it was the best to get it right away in Belem. Anyway, we get there and come to find out he didnt bring his passport, which is necissary to get the pass, even though he was told by the office elders that the reason they were letting him keep his passport (instead of letting the office guard it like ususal) was for the pass...and i told him RIGHT before we he didnt get his pass then and we had to go back, get his passport, then go to a metro station near by and submit for a pass which we got on monday. But on the way back, on the metro, i was sitting with Elder Tipton in one set of seats and Wilson and smith were on the other side of the isle. There was a couple people sitting in front of us, an old guy and a young girl. And elder Wilson likes to talk in portuguese...which is really good..,..but he thinks hes fluent cuz he was the best in the MTC....and hasnt realized that he still cant talk very well (he can talk better than ive seen any greenie, and can understand TONS which is amazing..but,...)so he was talking LOUD (as usual) to elder smith and the girl across from tipton and I starts was pretty funny. Hes an awesome guy but he has had some GREEN moments....(and it would take to long to write the rest of stuff thats happened)
And he just does some things that I cant figure out. I woke up and took a shower one morning then went to eat breakfast I open the fridge and...and in my oreo mug....there was mashed potatoes...I was like....ummmm ok....i guess elder wilson made mashed potatoes. Well we get ready and go out then come back from lunch. I go to take off my tie in the other rooma nd hear elder wilson getting somethig to eat in the kitchen. I yell in the kitchen "what are you eating?" cuz i was gonna make some food. and he was like Oh...just some leftovers i found in the fridge. Then i was like What left overs? Him- Oh some rice or something. Me-oh I wouldnt eat that...thats been in the fridge for a while. I started walking into the room. and he shows me the mashed potatoes...and i was like...umm i dont think thats looks like mashed potatoes...where did you get that? him-oh it was in the back corner of the fridge. me-ya? hmm...ive never made mashed potatoes. him-oh maybe it was your other I dotn think so cuz i just used that mug last night. Him-oh...well i dont know...unless i made it and didnt even know, that would be wierd. and i was like....umm ya...that would be....and he ate his mashed potatoes.....i dont quite get him ahha.
And...this is going to amaze you, but I (Rhett Dustin Hildebrandt) am saying that he is a slob...which you can only imagine from the way I am haha (but ive cleaned up on the mission believe it or not)
So I got my work cut out for me to train this kid into a amazing missionary. Hes got the spirit and the desire and the work ethic and all the spiritual stuff...but i get to help him to be less awkward and focus the amazing attributes he has haha.
Yesterday, something really cool happened. We got to do service at a catholic church that was built in the 1500s! it was AWESOME! we got to go in all these back rooms...walk through these places that were falling this staircase that was being held up by peices of wood. We go to hold a SOLID GOLD figurine thing that they had weighed SOOO much, and was really must be worth a TON. AND we got to go into the caticoms under the church. They used to bury people under the churches before the earthquake in the 1700s...and we got to go down there and see all these skeletons and stuff. And i got to hold a Skull of a priest!
Also the first person to die a Stiphulus was burried there.......go figure haha.
Umm what else has happened. Oh we invited Luzié to be baptised. Shes the girlfriend of a member. Shes gonna be baptised on the 23rd of Nov! Then Pepi he really wants to be baptised...but hes praying right now to see if he should be baptised before his girlfriend and get the priesthood instead of getting baptised with his girlfriend in Jan. like he was wanting to. So weºll see what happens.
Oh and today right when we were coming to do internet. We have to walk down this HUGE cobblestone staircase to go anywhere, and there was this old lady that had fallen down on the I got to help her out and she said her leg was broken but she was walking fine and I really dont think it was...she was just hurting a little...but we walked for a little and she was fine and thanked us and gave me Beijinhos....and yes...she had amost a fullblown mustache. haha.
and that was my week
so ya.