Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hey my fellow blogguers

Theres not much news....umm last week Elder Tucker stayed with us for a few days cuz of Zone Conference. So he came up last wednesday and stayed untill saturday morning. That was fun seeing him again. Also on thurday we had a bbq with the new brazillian family we´re teaching. They are way cool. We played tag with the kids for a long time! it was a blast! we have an appointment with them on friday, im really excited for them.
We went by the families house of the little boy that died. When we got there, we noticed a for sale sign on the window. They had already moved out :( We´re planning on going back and talkign to the neighbors and maybe seeing if we can find out where they moved to.
We had a good lesson with Elizabete and her son Edivaldo yesterday. We asked her if shes recieved an answer from the fast she did with us on friday. and she said she did on sunday. We asked her about it but she kept really quiet and just said it was hopefully it is good. but then her son, who we asked to think about baptism said he wanted to be baptised!!!! Hes been reading in the book of mormon and loving coming to church. So maybe we can get him baptised and then hopefully elizabete and her bf will be more willing to be baptised.
We also had a baptism this week. Kinda. Its this 8 yr old boy and his parents wanted us to teach him the discussions. so we did and he was baptised last saturday. It went really well and they invited alot of non members who LOVED the baptism. And after we had a ward party and the people stayed for that. it was fun. I got my groove on! haha. It was a good day.
And thats about it for the week. Today we´re going up to fatima. Its this city where like 80 yrs ago, 3 kids claimed they saw the virgin mary, who told them 3 secrets that they cant reveil. And now every year there is a huge migration of people the crawl on their knees to pray to Mary. And today is the migration day. so it should be pretty crazy!
Ill take lots of pictures!
Have a great day!

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