Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Walkin the green mile

So...this is my last week. Im walkin the green mile. its kinda like ripping off a bandaid really i know it has to come off...and it will feel good once it does...but its painful....
We got some new investigators. Marisa and her 19 yr old daughter. we contacted Marisa on the street and then we went by her house to teach and her daughter understood everything really well, and even had to explain it to her mom who wasnt getting it very well. it was really cool. I could see them progressing alot.
Then we 3 new people come to church that members brought! its way cool that the members are catching onto the fire of missionary work. we´ll meet with those people soon
Then as far as our other investigatores, Afra, she isnt progressing that much so we kinda had to go over and tell her if she doesnt start reading and going to church more often, theres other people who are waiting to hear this message and we cant waste our tiem. Hopefully that will knock some sense into her.
Then we also had an interesting experiece come Armindo. This caboverdian we are teaching thats lonely and sick and away from his family to get medical treatment for diabetes here. But he doesnt pay attention in the lessons much and always has excuses for not doing stuff. But elder Thomas has a greenie puppy dog love for him and its like one of his fav investigators. Anyway, the other elders had a baptism this saturday and we invited him and told him we would meet him close by the church at the bottom of soem stairs 15 minutes before 5 (cuz thats when the baptism was) well we later find out that the baptism isnt untill 7, but it was already almost 5 so we wait at the bottom of the stairs just to tell him that its not at 5, but at 7. So we wait and wait and he doesnt show up. so Elder Thomas wanted to walk ALL the way up to his house to tell him it was at 7 even though he didnt show up at 5 (when he thought it was) so reluctantly i agreed and we walked up this huge hill to his house and told him we would meet him in the same place at 6:45. he agreed and we go back. well 6:45 rolls around and we go wait...and wait and wait. Elder Thomas with his puppy dog eyes looking up the stairs, waiting. It gets to be almost 7 and i was like "lets just go." So elder Thomas starts running up the stairs toward his house. Im like "no, back to the church" then he started complaining and wanted to go to his house to get him. I was like "he didnt come the 1st time...didnt come the second time...hes not gonna come if we go up there". but he insisted so we went ALL the way up there again. We get there and.....hes not even home. I could see Elder Thomas´s heart break. but we went back to the church, the baptism had already started. We walk in and who do we see, none other than Armindo sitting there! it was pretty cool. Elder Thomas was happy. but then we invited him to church the next day...and he didnt show up :( oh well.
And.....thats about it since friday!
well......ttyl!!!!! or soon!

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